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Invest in Ghana

Why Ghana

Ghana is a politically stable country with renewed investor confidence resulting from the improved macroeconomic performance recorded over the past couple of years. The external position of Ghana has improved as the trade balance has shifted to a surplus. Furthermore, Ghana enjoys an open society, with a vibrant media and strong public dialogue. The business and economic climate is indeed a competitive one due to the increased implementation of pro-business reforms by successive governments to boost trade in the country. Ghana also provides a more clearly regulated and open market system when compared to other countries in the sub-region. The country’s predictable business operating environment sets it apart as a suitable point of entry for businesses looking to invest in West Africa.


The agricultural front provides several opportunities for business development in Ghana. Notwithstanding the significant contributions agriculture has made towards economic prosperity of most advanced countries, its strategic role in the socio-economic and environmental development of Ghana is of vital importance. However, the larger scope of agriculture is riddled with disjointed components that do not propel sustainable and efficient growth of such a significant sector for development. Low production and productivity in the agricultural sector is a major problem with both direct and indirect impacts on food security and growth of the economy. Issues including but not limited to the low level of agriculture mechanization, over-reliance on rain-fed agriculture, and low level of technology adoption (fertilizer application, use of improved varieties and breeds) are important contributing factors. Other issues such as the weak management procedures along the value chain, value added processing of agricultural and other related products, as well as the limited access to extension services for farmers can also not be overlooked.

Partner with Mabonos to contribute towards an improved production capacity and productivity at various levels in the value chain.